Testimonials for Dr. Barry Reid

Tony T. says:

 I had back and neck pain that was very uncomfortable.  The treatment was effective because the the time frame that it took to heal wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.  I'm now able to do anything I want!  I would recommend Dr. Reid.   From the moment that I came in Dr. Reid was very understanding and diagnosed the problem and the solution.  He gave me a time frame and he got to work on it from Day One.  He was always very outgoing and understanding when I'd come in and was in pain.  He never rushed our treatments.   Not only was he a great doctor, he is a good guy and because of all these reasons is why I would recommend Dr. Reid. 

Jennifer F. says:

I had lower back and neck pain that started after a car accident.  My son and I were driving in our minivan on I-71 and were rear ended by a semi truck.  Our van was thrown into the minivan in front of us.  We both had whiplash.  The treatment was  effective and I received treatment for 12 weeks and my son for 8 weeks..  We are back to being 100% at home and at work /school.  

 Dr. Reid and his staff are extremely helpful, knowledgeable and caring.  Dr. Reid explains the injury and treatment plan in a way that is easy to understand.  He is open to answering any questions and keeping his patients feeling comfortable.  We followed up with him a month after we stopped our appointments and he ensured all of our therapy needs had been met.  He also send in all the paperwork to the car insurance company which relieved a lot of time we would have spent sending it to the insurance company.  Having an accident is always stressful, but Dr. Reid made it as smooth as possible for me and my family.  I would recommend him to anyone for a post-accident assessment or routine chiropractic care.  You will be in good hands! 

Carla H. says:

I had tremors in both legs, very limited mobility, and used a cane and assistance from others.  I had pain and numbing and burning sensation down both legs.  Extremely limited with activities and couldn't drive.    I've had this since January 2017 and back issues since 1998.  The treatment was very effective.  No tremors, no assistance with walking, cane is gone!  LOVE the roller bed and the adjustments.   I'm able to bowl again.  I can drive my car.   Still limited on playing with grandchildren, but couldn't play or get on the floor with them before.  Now I can enjoy playing with them.  

I would recommend Dr. Reid because he's patient and explains everything.  He'll answer all questions.  The staff (Ashlee) is very nice and friendly.  I have and will HIGHLY recommend Dr. Reid to anyone in need of his services.  Thank you for what you have done when other doctors just want to shove pills down your throat.  You're the best!