Whiplash Treatment

Is whiplash a myth?

Whip lash is real. It causes pain, stiffness, soreness and results from the body moving too quickly, usually in car accidents. The delicate tissues in the body which hold the bones in position, called ligaments, often get stretched and allow the bones to move out of their normal position which results in stiffness and soreness. 

What does a whiplash feel like? If you have stiffness, soreness or other symptoms including headache, confusion inability to focus or inability to concentrate, the time to be checked is now. Don’t wait to get the proper whiplash treatment. The sooner you get help, the quicker you’ll feel better. 

Please call us today. The doctor will be happy to speak with you in the office today and let you know if you have something which can be helped for free. 

Barry W. Reid D.C.